Chocolate Banana Cake

One of the new additions to our autumn range this year is the delicious Chocolate Banana Cake. Two layers of moist banana and pecan sponge with rich soya chocolate frosting, topped with crunchy caramelised pecans. Available whole, by the slice or as a mini bake.

This cake is dairy free, so it is suitable for vegans, the dairy intolerant and chocoholics alike!

Our soya chocolate ganache only uses four ingredients and tastes absolutely scrumptious! See below for the recipe and try it yourself.


Soya Chocolate Ganache Recipe

Vegan Dark Chocolate
Soya Milk
Golden Syrup
Vanilla Extract

  1. Put soya milk and golden syrup in a plastic bowl, cover with cling film and poke a few small holes. Heat in microwave for 5 minutes until boiling point is reached.
  2. Place broken up chocolate and vanilla in a large bowl and pour soya milk over it.
  3. Carefully stir together until very well combined, trying not to incorporate too much air and voila!
  4. Make sure to store the ganache at room temperature.


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