Easter Gift Guide

Hop into Spring and enjoy the joys it brings with our latest Easter range! From Easter eggs and chocolate to Easter cakes, brownies and gifts. There’s something for everyone this Spring!

Coco the Easter Bunny Cake

Go COCO for the newest member of the Konditor family, Coco the Easter Bunny!

Made from a coconut syrup-soaked vanilla sponge, coated with white chocolate ganache, atop a sweet pastry base. Lavished with desiccated coconut and decorated with a biscuit bunny head and feet, with a white chocolate tail to finish. Serves 5-8 people

‘Pig Out’ Brownie Slab

There’s never been a more fitting reason to pig out!

Our deep-filled chocolate chip brownie slab, embellished with a cookie pig and a baked-in white chocolate ‘Pig Out!’ inscription.


Kissing Bunnies Easter Simnel Cake

This golden-coloured, moist, zesty and brandy-infused fruitcake with an almond paste centre and a toasted, decorated layer on top is a perennial favourite. This cake with its egg border and cute ‘Kissing Bunnies’ decoration would make a delightful centerpiece for an Easter table.


Bunny & Biscuit Box of 4

A duo of two perfectly spiced gingerbread bunnies, adoring hand-iced dungarees as well as two hand-painted butterfly Easter egg jammy dodgers filled with smooth England Preserve raspberry jam.

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

A crisp dark chocolate chip cookie studded with white chocolate chips. With morish tones of golden syrup and chocolate. Dunk ot not to dunk that is the question?


Luxury Family Easter Hamper

A joyful wicker hamper with treats that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Perfect for an Easter picnic in the Sun!