Halloween Top Picks!

Just clowning around…

Summer is over, the nights are drawing in, sometimes you just need to remind yourself to have some fun. So this October as Halloween approaches, it’s time for us to clown around! (Pun intended.) We want to encourage you all to let loose a little and celebrate the joy of being a bit silly.

Our cakes are taking on a mischievous character, so trigger warning for those of you with Coulrophobia (fear of clowns) you might want to look away as here come the clowns! We have wicked clown cakes and killer brownie slabs. Cake lovers can trick or treat themselves with quirky takes on some of our core products. The dodgy jammers – or should I say ‘Jammy Jack-o-lanterns’, make their seasonal return.

So with that being said, here are this Halloween’s top picks! 


Wicked Clown Cake

For all you cake eaters, creep it real and tickle some taste buds with an eye-catching decoration and hand-made wicked clown biscuit atop one of our popular Red Velvet or famous Curly Whirly Cakes.

Killer Clown Brownie Slab

If you’re more of a chocolate lover, enjoy our deep-filled chocolate chip brownie slab embellished with a wicked hand-cut clown biscuit. A perfect gift for any clown.

Trick or Treat Temptation

Want a taste of everything? This tempting selection includes a 5″ Trick or Treat cake in a flavour of your choosing, a shudder of 4 hand-iced gingerbread clowns and a bag of bite-sized dirty blondie. Great for all those clowns who just can’t make up their minds!

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