Perfect Custard – Every Time!

Perfect Custard – Every Time!

Perfect Custard – Every Time!

Custard is one of those lovely things that once you’ve made it yourself, you’ll just never be able to go back to shop bought again. Also making it yourself adds an extra dose of sweet satisfaction.


300ml Milk

2 tbsp Caster Sugar 

½ Vanilla Pod, slit open lengthways

2 tbsp Cornflour

1 Medium Egg yolk



First, pop 250ml of  milk into a small pan with the sugar and the fragrant vanilla pods. Bring this up to its boiling point. 

Next, take the cornflour and empty it into a separate bowl. Add the remaining milk and egg yolk and beat together with a fork. No fancy equipment needed here, honey. 

When the milk is boiling, remove it from the heat and whisk the egg yolk mixture into it until it starts to thicken up. The thicker the better in our opinion. If you need to, you can put it back onto the heat for a few moments to aide the thickness. 

Please don’t let it boil again – It’s been through enough. 

Just seeing the bubbles moving from the outside of the pan towards the centre to do the trick!

There you go, perfect custard. You’re very welcome.