Spreading Joy Through Cake Since 1993

We’ve been spreading joy through cake since 1993. Our founder Gerhard came across a small bakery for sale on the corner of Cornwall Road in Waterloo, and so began Konditor! Still going strong more than 25 years later, we’ve added a string of other stores from Goodge Street to the West End to Spitalfields, Gray’s Inn Road and Borough Market.

When looking for the perfect place to open up shop, Waterloo seemed like the perfect spot for Gerhard. Through a friend he heard of a faltering business, with owners panicking that their business was losing them money, and there were plans for the Jubilee line to be extended opposite the premises. It seemed like the perfect fit.

Waterloo was a different scene back in the 90s with the railway arches behind the store used by scrap metal merchants, car repairs, and scenery storage for ITV. We even used to have the set of Blind Date rattling past the shop front several times a week.

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At the time, it felt as though the retail and food offerings were stuck in the past, and so Gerhard saw potential. Following the closure of GLC at the County Hall, thousands of office workers lost their jobs and businesses lost their customers. Yet, since the mid-90s, the development of the Waterloo area has not stopped. The London Eye, Tate Modern, the extended Jubilee line, and the Eurostar Terminal have all brought people into the area. With retail and restaurants thriving, we were in the right place at the right time.

Gerhard’s vision for Konditor was that it would be a ‘democratic’ environment for people to come together, and that’s exactly what the Waterloo store created. Most of our original customers were office workers with a sprinkling of local residents, but soon the shop became filled with builders rubbing shoulders with fashion muses and Oscar winners – Ben Kingsley, Martin Childs and Jessica Lange all visited in one day!

Our Cornwall Road location allowed us to reach a new demographic, and bring two sides of the river together over a joint love of cake. Our mission was and remains simple – make someone’s day. Serve them a cake so good they’ll still be talking about in a week. Make it feel like a delicious indulgence that will make them feel good about themselves or the friends & family they will be sharing the cake with. And then do exactly the same thing for everyone.

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