Your Valentine’s Colour Guide

Valentines Colours – What do they mean?


How brilliant is a day dedicated to empowering love? It can be any type of love – friendship, familial as well as romantic. We want to celebrate them ALL! When we think of Valentines, it’s very easy to write it off as a ‘couples only’ tradition – Nope!


You want to send a Valentines cake to your mum, or perhaps your number one Gal Pal, but don’t want something dripping with soppy love letters – this is where we come in. 


Did you know that different colours represent different kinds of love? 

Human beings are wonderful creatures and for some reason, different colours stimulate different emotions within us. 


  • Red promotes passion, lust and sex appeal.


  • Pink also invokes the feeling of a blossoming love but can also mean love for a close friend.


  • Yellow is synonymous with friendship and platonic love – bright and cheery and full of pizazz! 


We can customise any of our bakes to make sure they’re giving off the exact vibe you’re after (isn’t the subconscious ever so clever?).


Not entirely sure how to say how you feel? Say it with cake. It’s a pretty much universal language that we can all speak and understand. Nothing says “you’re my favourite person” quite like remembering someone’s absolute favourite flavour treat. 


Call our Customer Joy Team or pop into store for a personalised consultation to make your Valentine’s cake dreams come true.


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